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Sept 25-26 pitches at the ACRC Conference

Click on the company name to check their pitch deck, business plan summary and give feedback (logins and passwords available to members and sponsors):

mirna-damergMirna Damergi, Product Manager, Rapid Infection Diagnostics Inc. (Calgary) and also Lead Speaker Coordinator, YYC Data Convention and U Calgary grad, on a suite of diagnostic tools for microbial infections including those that cause bloodstream and urinary tract infections.

Danika_KellyDanika Kelly, Co-Founder & CEO, My Normative Inc. (Calgary) is a female-focused health platform driving innovation through clinically validated data collection, data management, and analytical processes


ty mckinneyTy McKinney, CSO of PeerX.AI (Calgary), Co-founder of 8 Bit Cortex and Research Director of the Branch Out Neurological Foundation


Piyush KumarPiyush Kumar,President & CEO, WWiKY BioSciences (Edmonton) is developing cancer theranostics that exploit hypoxia, which leads to metastatic progression and resistance


aneal khanAneal Khan, CEO, Discovery DNA (Calgary) provides accredited genetic testing for medical decisions, providing tools for early detection and treatment of diseases


shaneel-pathakShaneel Pathak, CEO, Zamplo (Calgary) provides a platform that allows anyone to record and share their treatment regiment with their healthcare practitioner, while allowing data analytics and collation


Lulu Mashonganyika Lulu Mashonganyika, Founder, LiiT Care (Airdrie), offering a safe and convenient platform to bridge the gap between parents and vetted caregivers.


angela ryeAngela Ryl, Student at NAIT and Founder, Qubit Sense Inc. (Edmonton), 3D-printed, non-invasive, wearable patch that detects biomarkers in sweat and sends updates in real-time via the cloud to healthcare providers.


Chris-BladenChris Bladen, CEO, Zymedyne Therapeutics Inc. (Calgary) is developing safer, more effective treatments for chronic, neuropathic pain by targeting calcium channels


Maximilian-KerzMaximilian Kerz, Co-founder & CEO, Cherry Health (Calgary), a network founded by physicians for physicians that aims to make recruitment into clinics and hospitals as straightforward as possible


Amir NezhadAmir Nezhad, CEO, CriticareDx (Calgary) offers capillary self-powered microfluidics and electrochemical nano-biosensors that have the power to revolutionize and disrupt lab testing.


jessica huJessica Hu, CEO, Gene Biomedical, which provides molecular diagnostics, drugs detection, genomics, proteomics and bioinformatics, technologies


RahimMohammad Rahim, Founder and CSO, RANE Pharmaceutical Inc, a chemistry CRO in Edmonton developing scalable synthetic methods for complex medicinal chemistry targets and natural products


Amol-KarnickAmol Karnick, President & CEO, KA Imaging Inc. (Waterloo) is developing  X-ray imaging technologies and systems for medical, veterinary, and non-destructive test industrial markets


ali-pormohammadAli Pormohammad, CEO, MHCombiotic Inc. which is combating the issue of antimicrobial resistance by pioneering groundbreaking antimicrobials (Combiotic)


Nancy Gupta, Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology, University of Alberta

May 26 program and participant list

Click on the company name to check their pitch video, scores and feedback (logins and passwords are available to members and sponsors):

troy feenerTroy Feener, COO, Rapid Infection Diagnostics, Inc., a University of Calgary startup, pitches a suite of diagnostic tools for microbial infections including those that cause bloodstream and urinary tract infections.

conor-phillips.gifCarrie Shemanko founded Crocus Biomedical, a University of Calgary-based startup that has developed a blood and tumour tissue-based molecular test for physicians to identify individuals at high risk of bone metastasis.

roger-zemp.gifRoger Zemp, Founder, CliniSonix Inc. an Edmonton-based startup that has invented scalable probe technology that significantly outperforms current 2D/3D ultrasound scanners in terms of resolution and speed.


colin corosColin Coros, CCO, Nanostics Inc., an Edmonton-based a clinical-stage precision health company with a detection platform for a range of diseases including prostate and bladder cancer.

kathleenKathleen McMahon, Director of Regulatory Affairs, Wave View Imaging Inc. (Calgary) is developing pain-free and timely breast imaging systems using microwave technology.

Pierre-Lemire.jpgPierre Lemire, CEO, Kent Imaging (Calgary), designs and manufactures multispectral oxygenation imaging technology for limb preservation and surgical care.


john murphyJohn Murphy, CEO, Bio-stream Diagnostics Inc. (Edmonton) has developed an organic electrochemical transistor-based platform for faster, more accurate diagnostic tests based on antibody binding target antigen for a variety of infections.

conor-phillips.gifClaire Dixon, co-Founder & CEO, Neuraura (Calgary) which has developed a bioelectronic wearable and is targeting polycystic ovarian syndrome.


Mehdi Mohammadi AshaniMehdi Mohammadi Ashani, BioSenta (Calgary) develops and manufactures environmentally sound chemical compounds including Tri-Filler, which offers broad spectrum antimicrobial properties for household and industrial applications.

michael-weickert1:05 pm Michael Weickert, CEO, Pacylex Pharmaceuticals, Inc. a University of Alberta spinout which is developing a first in class myristoylation inhibitor as a new oral daily therapy for hematologic and solid tumor cancers.

Maximilian Kerz1:15 pm Maximilian Kerz, co-Founder & CEO Cherry Health (Calgary) has develped an app for posting of temporary, permanent and telehealth physician jobs and is building a network that connects physicians, employers and industry.

1:35 pm break

Jason Hendrick1:40 pm Jason Hendrick, President, OceanML provides integrated machine learning consulting, custom predictive analytical solutions and solutions for clients in industries including energy, resource development, cleantech, government, finance and health care.

alan tay1:50 pm Alan Tay, CEO, Delphi Technology Corp. offers rapid, scalable, conversational & action-based avatar training for airlines & aerospace companies and government and defence contractors.


John-MacInnes2:05 pm John MacInnes, Founder, Earthware Reusables Inc. Billions of food takeout containers go into our landfills every year. Earthware is a return for reuse takeout container service that eliminates this problem by selling reusable containers to restaurants, hotels, caterers, grocery stores and farmers.

ryan-galloway2:15 pm Ryan Galloway, Founder, Inversion Point Technologies Ltd. specializes in the cost-effective direct removal of atmospheric methane at scale.


AmirSanati2:30 pm Chris Cassin, CEO of Zero Point Cryogenics (Edmonton) builds dilution refrigerators, which operate at temperatures near absolute zero, for quantum technology applications.

Amirreza-Sohrabi2:40 pm Amirreza Sohrabi, co-Founder and CEO, Roshan Water Solutions (Edmonton) has developed VeloCens, which is an end-to-end product package for onsite, real-time testing of water samples for bacteria.

Masoud-Baghelani2:55 pm Masoud Baghelani, CEO and Founder, NeatFil Inc. (Edmonton) offers a recyclable and reusable material for efficient, cost-effective removal of organic contaminants including dyes and pigments from water and wastewater.

Damilare-Odumosu3:05 pm Damilare Odumosu, Founder/C.E.O, All Farmers Online provides precision agriculture services and sensors to farmers, allowing them to optimize yields, reduce costs, and improve efficiency based on analysis of data collected from drones, satellites, and cameras.

conor-phillips.gif3:20 pm Conor Phillips, Founder & CEO, Pathfinder365 (Saskatoon) provides a digital exploration tool that serves as an all-inclusive, one-stop source for diverse tourism destinations including travel, activity, entertainment and accommodation options.

conor-phillips.gif3:30 pm Carine Bado, CEO & Founder, My Little Tribe has designed an app for parents who are looking to book affordable, reliable and flexible private childcare services such as babysitting, nanny and home care.

David Rosenegger3:40 pm David Rosenegger, CEO, SenseSi Technology Inc, a Calgary-based startup developing wearable non-invasive diagnostic sensors to monitor cortisol levels which can predict stress, inflammation and concussion severity.

Timothy Burgess3:50 pm Timothy Burgess, CEO and co-Founder, WealthAgile (Toronto) provides an AI powered crypto portfolio manager that connects via API to crypto exchanges to automatically manage customers’ crypto portfolios.


March 14 program and attendees

The following companies have submitted business plan summaries. Please click through to give your feedback and to access the summaries, contacts, scores and comments (password is available to members):

In-person pitches:

Virtual pitches:


December 13 program and attendees

The following companies from Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Australia and Israel are seeking over $17 million for commercialization of innovative technologies positioned to transform agricultural, energy, transportation, health, business and legal industries.

September 13 program and attendees

The following companies from Airdrie, Cartairs, Calgary, Edmonton and Uganda are seeking over $8 million for agricultural, artificial intelligence, quantum computing, education, low carbon energy, cancer, health and pet care innovations.

May 17 program and attendees

The following companies are looking to raise approximately $100 million for cancer drug trials, mental health apps, biodegradable menstrual pads, environmentally friendly waste management systems, autonomous robots, learning tools and AI solutions:

February 15 program and attendees

The following companies are looking to raise approximately $6 million for personalized cancer treatments for children, dento-craniofacial head and neck imaging, virtual reality and IoT platforms, canola oil transformation, hemp-based nutraceuticals, and systems for beef herd management, fire prevention, waste conversion and lithium extraction:


November 23 program and attendees

The following companies are looking to raise approximately $11 million for diagnostics tests for ADHD, blindness, cancer and ADHD, burnout management, systems for shipping, beef herd tracing, waste management and recycling:

September 21 program and attendees

The following companies are looking to raise approximately $8 million for improvement of nutrition and mental health, ADHD detection, cancer treatment, restaurant support, hydroponics, organic food production and waste conversion into feedstock:

June 22 program and attendees

The following companies are looking to raise approximately $11 million for improvement of nutrition and mental health, ADHD and cancer detection and treatment, family support and patient monitoring for mental health and efficient care provision, advanced materials and water and waste management:

April 22 program and attendees

The following companies are looking to raise approximately $6 million for biorefinery and prebiotic fibre production, digital healthcare, cancer drug discovery, trauma dressing, and COVID-19 testing and treatment:

January 28 program and attendees

The following companies are looking to raise approximately $5.5 million for renewable power generation, biomedical imaging, cell transfection systems, virtual reality SAAS, and personal mobility apps:


October 22 program and attendees

July 8 program and attendees

June 10 program and attendees

May 13 program and attendees

April 15: COVID-19 Conference 4 program

  • John Dennis, CEO, SolAeroMed
  • Khaled Barakat, University of Alberta
  • Darrell Tan, Clinician-Scientist, St. Michael's Hospital
  • Carlos Cervera, University of Alberta
  • Bruno Villoutreix, Research Director, Inserm
  • Alessandro Biglioli, CEO, Elsius Biomedical
  • Gregg Oldring, CEO, Zept
  • Prabhat Jha, University of Toronto
  • Dawn Kingston, Professor, University of Calgary
  • Nora Spinks, CEO, Vanier Institute of the Family
  • Kelley Lee, Simon Fraser University
  • Adam Balogh, CEO and Founder, Staffing Call

April 8: COVID-19 Conference 3 program

  • Robert Wolkow , Quantum Silicon Inc
  • Kevin Morin, Medical Director, Sunmor Research Inc
  • Randy Duguay , CEO, Health Gauge
  • Harold Dumur and Hassaan Ahmed, OVA
  • Varun Pulapaka Co-Founder & Hassaan Ahmed, CEO, Phelix
  • Gane Ka-Shu Wong, University of Alberta & Geneis
  • Rafiq Ahmad, Assistant Professor, University of Alberta
  • Matt Hodgson, Co-Founder, Outbreaker Solutions
  • Rashid Mirzavand, University of Alberta
  • Kyle McLeod, CEO, OrigamAi
  • Bruce Rout
  • Eric Coomes, University of Toronto
  • P. Peter Wang, Memorial Universit
  • Brittany Redl, Region Sales Director, VWR
  • Travis Dahl, Inkubate Packaging
  • Dane Bosman, Business Development, Alpine Innovative Research

April 1: COVID-19 Conference 2 program

  • Markus Kirkilionis, University of Warwick
  • Kevin Curran, Ulster University
  • Dileep Tiwari, HeriCure
  • Utkarsha Ankalkhope, Excel3D
  • Simon Park, University of Calgary
  • Mathew Diggle, Alberta Public Labs
  • John Ralston, Protxx
  • Alessandro Biglioli , Elsius Biomedical
  • Pierre Lemire, Kent Imaging Therapeutics
  • Gavin Oudit, PEARKO Therapeutics
  • John Dennis, SolAeroMed
  • Rakesh Bhat, Applied Pharmaceutical Innovation
  • Robert Jay Rowen, MD, RowenSu Clinic
  • Karsten Sauer, Repertoire Immune Systems
  • Dan Dalla-Londa, FluroTech
  • Mark Trifiro , McGill University
  • Shokrollah Elahi, University of Alberta
  • Robert Mayall, FREDsense
  • Isaac Bogoch, University of Toronto
  • Martin Percy, Unit9
  • Louis-Olivier Roy, OPTEL Group
  • Barry Shrier, Founder, GIANT Health
  • Sharn Haywood-Higgs, Oxford Innovations Solutions
  • Travis Dahl, Inkubate Packaging
  • Allen Crowley, Crowley Enterprises
  • Trevor MacDonald, Crowdblink
  • Horacio Bach, University of British Columbia
  • Amir Nezhad, University of Calgary
  • K Ghafoor, H Maghdid & S Khaleal, Iraq

March 25: COVID-19 Conference 1 program

  • John Dennis, SolAeroMed
  • Martin Percy, Unit9: CoronaSaver
  • John Ralston, Protxx
  • Peter Wood, mmHg
  • Thomas Stachura, Pleasant Solutions
  • John Lewis, Entos Pharma
  • Lynn McNeil, Chipcare
  • Alessandro Biglioli, Elsius
  • Peter Silverstone, COMS
  • James Harynuk, TMIC
  • Jeevesh Kapur,
  • Elena Dumitrascu, Terrahub
  • Kevin Maloney, Safe Contact
  • Abdullah Saleh, Metric
  • Steve Lloyd, Tech Shops
  • Travis Dahl, Inkubate Packaging

March 11 program and scores


November 13 program and scores

  • Richard Smith, BioLargo
  • Amir Nezhed, Critical Care DX
  • Piyush Kumar, WWiKY
  • Tonya Beal, Swiftly
  • Aman Ullah, ZAFA Rapid Biorefinery
  • Adam Brown, Nanolog Audio
  • John Ralston, Protxx

September 11 program and scores

  • Tarek El-Bialy, Virtual Orthodontic Residency
  • James Nieman, Human Cytomegalovirus Co.
  • Nicolas Conradi, Solar Oxygen
  • Peter Wood & Raj Padwal, mmHg Inc.
  • Simba Nyazika, Lenica Research Group
  • Zhongyi Quan, High Density Power Conversion
  • Shelvie Fernan, Fly and Fetch
  • Hillary Sweet & Dr. Matthew Nickel, SN Biomedical
  • Loreen Wales, Revive Wellness Inc.
  • Michael Weickert, Pacylex Pharmaceuticals Inc.

June 19 program and scores

  • Carrie Shemanko, Blood-based biomarkers
  • Aru Narendran, Biomarkers for Pediatric Cancer
  • Amir Sanati Nezhad
  • Lu Deng, Metabolomic Technologies Inc
  • Colin Coros, Nanostics
  • David Bocking & Oliver Bathe, Qualisure Diagnostics Inc.
  • Kunal Karan & Arin Sen, Biomimetic Exosomes
  • Negin Razavilar, RAZN Health Decision Modelling Ltd.
  • Ratmir Derda, 48Hour Discovery Inc.,
  • Jeremie Bourqui, MITS
  • Paul Stewardson, ThyroSPEC
  • Rahul Arora, ENTiD

June 4 program and scores

  • Mike Wade, iYu Inc.
  • Yvonne Wong, Canada Neurotech
  • Shairaz Baksh, BioImmuno Designs, Inc.
  • Mahdi Tavakoli, Robotic System for Therapy
  • Randy Duguay & Bruce Matichuk, Health Gauge
  • Qaasim Mian, Biomarkers of Childhood Pneumonia
  • Larry Unsworth, ThermoReCon

May 16 program and scores

  • Marc-André Roberge, Nectar
  • Kirk Zemba, Blindman Brewing
  • Darcy Goossen, The TireGrabber
  • Aman Ullah, ZAFA Rapid Biorefinery
  • Alfred Wahl, Polar Canadian Swine LLP
  • Tanveer Ahmad, Amrich
  • Richard Smith, BioLargo

March 5 program

  • Martin Ferguson-Pell, Click & Push
  • Roger Zemp, ClinoSonics 3D
  • Brayden Whitlock, Outbreaker Solutions
  • Suresh Nayar, Rapid Prototyping
  • Bretton Whervin, Bitcoin Air
  • Sharmin Habib, Umay Care
  • Afsaneh Lavasanifar, Meros Polymers
  • Larry Unsworth, ThermoReCON
  • Michael Overduin, SMALP Network


December 4 program

  • Khurram Jahangir, SafeSpaceHealth
  • Katharine Magor, Flu Fighting Chickens
  • Konrad Fassbender , Palliative Care Matters
  • Abdolamir Landi & Ana Clementin, Autoimmune Hepatitis Diagnostics
  • Roger Zemp, CliniSonics
  • Jerome Yager, Praeventus Corporation
  • Nataraj Pagadala, Cheminger Inc

September 11 program

  • John Lewis, CEO & Arun Raturi, CSO Entos Pharmaceuticals
  • David Marchant, Medical Microbiology and Immunology
  • Leanne Bilawchuk, Frederick West, Antibiddies
  • Len Wiebe & Piyush Kumar, WWiKY Theranostica Inc.
  • Amir Reshef, Founder & CEO, Dealcloser
  • Michael Overduin, Founder and Director, SMALP Network
  • Roger Zemp, illumiSonics Inc.
  • Dennis Hall, Boron Heterocycles
  • Nicole Sanchez, Jenny Li and Anka Chan, Hempact

June 5 program and scores

  • Chris Cairo, Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry
  • Bruce Ritchie, Professor, Division of Hematology
  • Lorne Tyrell, Professor, Dept of Medical Microbiology & Immunology
  • Faheem Khan, Postdoc, Chemical & Materials Engineering Dept 
  • Samantha Kwok, Operations Manager, 48 Hour Discovery
  • Peter Johnson, Dept of Physiology, Faculty of Science

March 6 program and scores

  • Bin Zheng, Surgical Simulation
  • Shairaz Baksh, Kinase Drug Discovery
  • Michael Weickert & Luc Berthiaume, Pacylex
  • Aaryn Flynn & Tony Briggs, Prominent
  • Faheem Khan, Fourien
  • David Eisenstat, University of Alberta
  • Clayton Bell, University of Alberta
  • Mohammad Ali, University of Alberta


December 5 program with CureCancer

  • David Brindley, Targeting Autotaxin
  • Gino Fallone, MagneTx
  • Colm Murphy, Zenxmed Corporation
  • Juliana Valencia, RJH Biosciences Inc.
  • Khurram Jahangir, Health District
  • Catalina Vasquez, Prostate Cancer Diagnostics
  • Justin Bailey, Medical Isotope and Cyclotron Facility
  • Nawaid Usmani, Prostate Brachytherapy

September 5 program

  • Tina Rinker, Founder, Syantra Inc.
  • Lynne Postovit, University of Alberta
  • Larry Fliegel, University of Alberta


April 4 program

  • Randy Yatscoff, Executive Vice President, TEC Edmonton
  • Chris Lumb, CEO, TEC Edmonton