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Schedule for TIM Talks at NANUC on December 5

Business Plan Session (4-5pm)

Pitch your plan to a supportive panel of professional business experts and investors in 10 minutes and receive free advice on progressing your valuable ideas. Register below and send us a non-technical, non-confidential executive summary of your plan. We'll share this with the panel members only, who will then be better equipped to advise you. Early stage and preformation ventures welcome. Contact us with any questions.

Food & Drinks (5-6 pm)

Meet with colleagues over coffee and timbits to discuss plans and develop new ideas and collaborations. The public is also invited to join in to meet the scientists. Complimentary food and drinks provided thanks to our sponsors.

TIM bit Tuesday Talks (6-7 pm)

Short public talks from researchers about understanding cancer mechanisms and developing improved treatments and detection systems. Speakers include Catalina Vasquez, APCaRI Program Director, Justin Bailey from the Medical Isotope and Cyclotron Facility and Nawaid Usmani from the Department of Oncology at the University of Alberta.

TIM bit Tuesday Tour (7-7:30 pm)

Take a guided tour of NANUC to see where scientists are discovering new cancer mechanisms and developing therapeutic agents and biomarkers to monitor disease progression and response.

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