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Centres for Discovery Science

The infrastructure at the University of Alberta includes facilities for target discovery, structure elucidation, hit identification, cross-validation, lead optimization and biological evaluation through to (pre)clinical trials and formulation of drugs and nanoparticles.

Pipeline of lead discovery and development activities

The following centre are available at the University of Alberta and are used to facilitate discovery research.

TEC Edmonton offers Executives in Residence, technology and business management advice, and lab space in the Merck Invention Accelerator
Biophysics: Biacore T200, Nanotemper Monolith, Biorad CFX, Wyatt MALS
Cell Imaging/Microscopy
Clinical Trials: Cancer
Clinical Trials: Cardiovascular
Clinical Trials: NACTRC
Computational chemistry
Containment: Prions
Containment: Viruses
Electron Microscopy
Glycan Structure
Flow Cytometry
Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Mass Spectrometry/Chem
Mass Spec/Metabolomics
Mass Spec/Proteomics
Medicinal chemistry
Polymers and SMALP system
Pharmaceutical design: DDIC
Isotope labelled protein production with Akta Start & Pure
RNAi Core
X-ray Crystallography
NANUC entry
Protein purification begins with an AKTA Start